Managed & Advisory Services
Enterprise Grade Professional Services & Customised Solutions
We specialize in designing, building and implementation of Analytics environments with a wide range of Amazon Web service technologies
Designing and implementing with unique specifications

Amazon Web Services like RedShift, EC2, S3, Kinesis and more are used to design and create analytics environment with complete services. Our Amazon Redshift solution architects and developers provide complete solutions to deliver clear cut business outcomes.

Detailed consultation and support

We specializes in helping our clients select the most suitable AWS platforms and then use the right combination with technologies along with customized coding or development where required to boost project timelines and minimize time to insight.

Reasons to work with Us– how are we different?
Contractually Defined Results
We believe in clearly defined and contractually guaranteed outcomes with a success – based commercial model. We dare to set genuine expectations and outcomes – then commit to achieving them. We are gripped with client achievements and willing to take one step ahead to give them a perfect delivery experience.
Agility and minimal upfront investment
Experience an on-demand & cloud inspired engagement model with minimal upfront investments and a focus on rapid time to insight. Projects are divided into multiple phases deliverables which gives you the flexibility to evaluate results and outcomes at each stage before investing further into identified solutions, technologies or platforms.
An impressive track record
We have been in business since a while and have and has one of the most experienced AWS and Redshift teams with a demonstrated track record on large enterprise deployments.
Key Services provided include:

  • Requirements Analysis & Strategic Planning
  • Architecture Design & Optimisation
  • Data Migration & Integration
  • Data Lake Build
  • Data Warehouse Design
  • Data Transformation and Modelling
  • Rapid prototyping and POC exercises for platform selection
  • Amazon Redshift Tuning & Query Performance optimisation

We are famous with clients for:

  • Building environments for Real Time Reporting and Analytics
  • Working with complex data sets
  • Advanced Data Modelling and ETL
  • Constructing solutions for Big Data Analytics

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