Telecom Companies

With the help of CloudCDC’s software services, media companies too can access their data in real time for effective reporting and analytics.

Media companies play a huge role in the market and also hold an important place. These media companies publish news about different streams like sports, lifestyle, business and much more.

With the advancement of digital media these days, media companies have broaden their scope of reaching a huge number of audience at the right time. Intelligent solutions to capture the essential data and integration is the need of the hour. Our reporting system management helped them run smoothly. They have now begun receiving their data in real time with the right resources. This has affected no load on the OLTP Systems. Our reports are accurate enough to help you analyse with further movements in the right way. Payback for the investment in the technology was started right from User Acceptance Testing when business users discovered anomalies, which had not been uncovered earlier