Travel Company

Using CloudCDC software and their professional services travel companies have improved improves their business intelligence and analytics capabilities to understand travel patterns and customer buying behaviour.

Travel Company has worked with CloudCDC for their global distribution systems. With the help of them we have successfully processed millions of transactions and served to more than 10,00,000 agents across the globe.

Their challenge was that the current on-premise infrastructure was difficult to scale up and struggled to keep up with growing data volumes. They had to process more than 1.3 trillion transactions each year and the volumes were growing rapidly.
We worked with Travel Company to utilize Amazon Redshift for one of their business sectors in Asia Pacific (Korea) as an experiment to take a gander at execution and adaptability benefits.

Our group then utilized ELT preparing to coordinate their information in Amazon Redshift with the goal that it could be handled as quick as could reasonably be expected. At that point, our group directed Redshift execution checking and advancement to convey the accompanying results.


Quickly subsequent to moving the information to Redshift, there was no less than a 2x execution change on the same reports. For instance, a report that used to take 45 minutes to work some time recently, could now be inherent under 20 minutes.

Through ETL handling and information displaying in Redshift, we assist diminished the preparing time by no less than 5-10 times. The same report that took 20 minutes to work in Redshift was inherent under 2 minutes in the wake of utilizing CloudCDC ETL programming and doing Redshift advancement/tuning to perform assignments in Redshift as effectively as could be expected under the circumstances. Different reports that used to take hours to run, were presently implicit under 15 minutes.